Company introduction

Company introduction

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Liaocheng YouJia textile machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is one of the major manufacturers of rapier looms in China. It is the main production and research and development base of rapier loom.
We lead the development direction of loom equipment technology with scientific and technological innovation, and continue to promote the innovation of product mechanism, management, sales, service and so on. The enterprise products are from low to high grade, from single to diversified. At present, we have formed 5 major products of the YJ model, Better model,Best model,Best-plus model,Bestway model. Loom speed covers 330 RPM,430 RPM,550 RPM. It has formed more than 20 categories of cotton weaving machine, worsted woolen loom, woolen woolen loom, linen, ramie loom, denim loom, silk loom, towel loom, jacquard loom, trademark loom, wide decorative fabric loom, industrial cloth and canvas loom, metal screen loom, and so on. Most of the blanks in the domestic weaving industry have been filled. .
The company has nearly three hundred employees and more than 70 professional technicians, including more than 20 senior professional engineers, with rich experience in design and manufacturing. At the same time, the company has the first class CAD design center and PDM data management system. It has advanced 3D design workstations, and introduces the 3D design software of PTC company in the United States. It can carry out 3D dynamic model assembly test under the computer environment, the product design is accurate, and the product development cycle is short.
At present, the company has a number of large horizontal processing centers, team vertical processing center, Longmen processing center, five face processing center and other advanced processing equipment, used to process the core parts of the loom. At the same time, the three coordinate measuring instrument has a precise full inspection on the key parts. The company has strong investment strength, technical force and modern management mode. High precision and high efficiency automatic processing means and testing means have created long-term stable product quality and performance.