Stable, High-Efficiency and Energy-Saving Machines Win the Trust of Foreign Customers - Record the Order of 88 High-speed Machin

Stable, High-Efficiency and Energy-Saving Machines Win the Trust of Foreign Customers - Record the Order of 88 High-speed Machin

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Liaocheng Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was established by the only 15 years, and now the industry has grown in popularity, in the rapier looms out of their own product road.
In January 2015, the orders of 88 “100-X-thin-09” high-speed rapier looms were signed by both the textile machine and the Indonesian customer at one time, achieving a good start to the 2015 company orders.
In April 2014, after learning that a large weaving factory in Indonesia had a plan to purchase looms, four well-known looms manufacturers in China established contact with them and provided sample machines for trial weaving. During the eight-month test-weaving inspection, the Indonesian company finally selected a machine for textile processing through a comprehensive comparison of loom control systems, mechanical indicators, stability, and after-sales service, based on actual weaving conditions. The "100 Super -09" high-speed rapier looms and finalized 88 orders in January.
"Textile Machinery" reporters moved by the wind, the first time interviewed Liaocheng Zhang Yanqin, general manager of textile machinery company, listened to her talked about the growth of the textile machinery......
From single species to serialization
“We just signed an order for 88 high-end rapier looms with Indonesian customers and we are waiting for shipment!” When the reporter saw Zhang Yanqin, her joy was overwhelming.
Established in 2000, Liaocheng A-Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of rapier looms in China. With 15 years of professional production experience, it has become China's main production and R&D base for rapier looms. The reporter followed Zhang Yanqin and visited the busy workshop. After passing through each place, Zhang Yanqin and technicians stopped to introduce the models and discussed with each other how to improve.
“We did not actually set up a long time ago, and we have only been working on a machine until 2009. From 2009 onwards, we feel that we can no longer go this route of a machine, and we must be determined to develop a variety of swords. Rod loom."
After 2009, A group organized a R&D team to start R&D for new models. “The cycle of experience was a bit long. It only officially entered the market in 2011, but the first batch of prototypes succeeded in customer trial-weaving, and they were unimpeded. Until now, the prototype was still operating with customers and there were no problems."
So far, a rapier looms product range from low to high, from single to multi-series, has formed three series of YJ series, Baxter series, 100 series, looms speed adjustment Formed cotton loom, worsted wool loom, woolen loom, linen, ramie loom, denim loom, silk loom, towel loom, jacquard weaving machine, trademark loom, wide decorative fabrics Machines, industrial fabrics and filter cloth loom, metal wire mesh loom, etc. more than 20 categories, a variety of products to fill the gap in the domestic weaving industry.
Zhang Yanqin introduced that the width can now be from 1.6 meters to more than 7 meters. At present, customers are buying the most widely used rapier looms with a width of 5.2 meters. This is not just a civilian field, but also includes some industrial fields such as filters. " At present, there are more orders in South Korea, and there is a greater demand for special wide-format models in Hebei.
The machine is not afraid of customers far
In recent years, the promotion of the Indonesian market has been increased by the textile machinery, and the market has achieved remarkable results. From 2013 to 2014, bulk sales of textile machinery have been realized in Indonesia. Speaking of the 88 "Super Heroes" rapiers to be shipped to Indonesia, Zhang Yanqin felt a lot.
“Actually, this order was also quite a twist. The other party began to want an air-jet weaving machine and wanted to pursue high efficiency. Afterwards, the other party used an air-jet weaving machine for three months and found that it was far from expected in terms of energy consumption. Our Baicha Rapier Loom is an energy-saving product that uses a super motor and has a very good energy-saving effect. At the end, the customer chose '100 Super', and the customer wanted to order 165 units. At present, 88 units have been signed."
Zhang Yanqin told the reporter that after designing and developing four machines at the time, he only dared to sell to customers after running the test machine for eight months, and began to promote them from the old customers. "Three years later, the sales proved to be verified by the market. The customer's evaluation made us feel gratified. We also heard that big foreign companies are also wondering. What kind of company is Liaocheng from? That can be developed in one year. What's good?"
“Our machines are winning in a stable style and craftsmanship. The fabrics are of a good style and are at the same level as the machines on the international market. At this time, our customers will consider our price/performance ratio. Our prices are set in our domestic similar rapier looms. It's also reasonable. For example, the 100-foot-10 loom is very competitive."
According to reports, this 100-plus is currently a star product of A. It adopts a modular design concept with a simple structure, low energy consumption and a high return rate. It also uses a leading-edge microcomputer processing system to control the entire weaving process, with the most suitable fabrics and clear fabrics.
R&D and customization go hand in hand
"Actually, I still feel that I'm stuck in my hands, or would like to let go and do something about it. I want to really make it bigger and deeper." Zhang Yanqin said that the most critical resource at the moment is talent.
Liaocheng has nearly 300 employees and more than 70 professional and technical personnel. Among them, there are more than 20 senior and middle-level professional titles, but Zhang Yanqin feels that it is not enough. “For A, the future work is to break through the particularity and applicability of the products. Our current products are all medium-to-high grade, and the pursuit of high efficiency and energy saving, the space for textile machinery that can be promoted is still very large. I hope to be able to With more R&D personnel, we will be determined to do a good job of R&D. We will develop according to the requirements of our customers, which is often referred to as customization.”
Zhang Yanqin was in charge of technology before 2013 and was later appointed to manage the company. She was a bit weird when she first started. Later, this arrangement had a wonderful reaction. She understood the technology and even knew how to improve the customer's requirements. He was more alert. Capture the market's wind direction. “Like a company that found us, he wanted us to design a product specifically for basalt fiber. The other wanted this high-tech to make bags. We addressed related technical issues for the personalized needs of our customers. Now machines Has been shipped." Zhang Yanqin said.
“There are customers who hope to be able to design a looms specifically for carbon fiber products for him, carbon fiber jacquard bags, carbon fiber naps and other technical problems that we have already broken. The next step is to carry out jacquard weaving machines. In combination, we are determined to overcome this technology and have visited many institutes.”
Speaking of this, the technicians revealed a lot of carbon fiber products to reporters. "The lack of R & D is now strength, but we will stick to it and have seen hope." Zhang Yanqin said, "After figuring out the principles, these are all available. In order to achieve this, the customer is also very urgent, and we are also very urgent. We must find a composite talent who understands the characteristics of fabrics and understands textile principles."
Product is perfect after service
The reliability and stability of products actually depend on a deep understanding of downstream users' processes. At present, many textile mills have started to build new workshops. The confidentiality of such workshops is very strong, and the equipment is uniquely transformed by the equipment factory according to the requirements of the textile mills. . This kind of transformation is not only at the initial stage of purchase, but also has to be modified in accordance with customer requirements during the production process.
Zhang Yanqin is very confident about the after-sales service of A. "Our after-sales service is characterized by characteristics that are different from the philosophy of others. The first thing to pay attention to is fast, if the customer's machine has a problem, whether or not the warranty is over time. During the period, we will send people to the past for the first time, let the machine keep production, do not shirk its responsibility, and provide timely service; Guaranteed."
This is "service first" learned from the Germans. "Our machines are chasing foreign countries. Our services must be the same. Every batch of equipment must give customers no worries."
The above news comes from Textile Machinery
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