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From industry to industry, the first place is the Kyushu.

From industry to industry, the first place is the Kyushu.

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A few days ago, Liaocheng was signed by two customers of the textile machine Foshan in 60 orders for a week! Liaocheng Yujia 100 Super plus loom with its excellent quality, high stability of operation, lower energy consumption, excellent after-sales service is more and more customers choose! Choice is the best interpretation of product recognition!
The following report was transferred from China Textile News: Although the current textile market continues to be sluggish and orders are not booming, many textile machinery manufacturers are frowned upon, but there are always some companies with good news. “China Textile News” reporter learned today from Liaocheng A Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. that the company recently received orders for 60 sets of Super 200 meters from two Foshan customers within a week or so. The order volume is 20 units and the order volume is 40 units.
Founded in 2002 in Liaocheng by the Jiafang Machinery, China's main rapier loom production, research and development base. The rapier looms include the YJ series, Baxter series, 100 series super three series of products, covering cotton looms, worsted wool looms, woollen looms, linen, ramie looms, denim looms, We have more than 20 categories such as silk looms, towel loom, jacquard loom, trademark loom, wide-width decorative fabric loom, industrial fabrics, filter fabric loom, and wire mesh loom.
Liaocheng was introduced by Zhang Yanqin, general manager of A Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Through continuous R&D and strengthening of management, the product quality has been steadily improved since its inception. The stability, energy saving, and operating efficiency of the machine have been continuously improved, and the after-sales service has also been continuously improved. This has won the trust of domestic and foreign customers, orders have come. In spite of the downturn in the global environment in 2015, the company’s sales reached a record high since its establishment, reaching 120 million yuan. In the first half of this year, the company's sales reached more than 49 million yuan.
It was also learned that the first half of this year by the X-ray machine for metal wire loom, curtain fabric loom, flat silk loom and other industrial cloth loom product expansion. For example, the company achieved this effect by improving the wire mesh weaving machine: Whether it is aluminum wire, iron wire or stainless steel wire, it can be woven in diameters ranging from 0.18 mm to 0.28 mm. For the weaving of flat wire products, this year, a textile machine that weaves an ultra-thin single-layer flat yarn was developed by a textile machine. Through the development of these special fabric looms, the textile machinery has found new performance growth points.