High speed rapier loom Best-plus Model
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High speed rapier loom Best-plus Model

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Product description

Best-plus loom is the new high speed rapier loom which is adopted the modular design concept with simple structure, good performance, low power consumption

1  Main Motor

We adopt the low energy consumption environmental SUMO motor, which uses oil circulation cooling system to lower the temperature. This main motor drives the loom instead of belt, clutch and brake disc to keep the first beating-up of the reed in order to eliminate the uneven weft density. This main motor control the speed of the loom so the speed can be easy adjusted according to the yarn quality. The electronic consumption of this loom is over 10% lower than the common clutch rapier loom.

2 Weft Selecting

Each weft selecting finger is moved by the stepper motor.

The weft selecting fingers go back to the middle position to keep the tension force constant when the rapier clamps the weft yarn. The craft setting is input by the precision program on the display of the electrical box.

3 Rapier Drive Style

We adopt the unitary unilateral guide hook. The rapier is light enough to enter into the shed stably. It reduces the friction with the warp.

4Auto Pick Find

The auto pick find and slow mode is finished slowly by the SRD main motor.

5The lifting time can be set in the display easily.

6Lubrication System

The bearing is lubricated by the oil of Lubricating System with the oil-temperature and oil-pressure sensor. The bearing of beating-up shaft is oiled by the centralized manual oil filler.

7The Warp Tension

Take up and run in device is droved by servo motor. The signal of warp tension sensor keeps warp tension force.

8Electronic dobby may take 20 pieces of heald frames

9 Electronic selvage

The leno selvage is droved by the pendent stepper motor instead of two heald frames.

10Yarn Woven

Discontinuous yarns: Nm200-Nm3

Continuous yarns: 22den-3000den (25dtex-3300dtex)

11 Firm structure and modular design

Two sides van cast iron panels are connected by two beams. This firm structure eliminates the mechanic parts vibration and keep the rapier loom working stably in high speed.

12 Timely effective satisfied technical assistance

There are 3 Maintenance Service Centers to keep 7*24 hours after-sale service for our rapier looms. Besides, we set up hot-line 0635-8883786 to support our technical assistance.


Reed Width

190,210,230,260,280,320, 340,360,380cm

Run in device

positive electronic run in device

Max width reduction

35cm each side

Diameter of beam




Back rest

single and double back rest




independent electronic  selvage

Weft density

130picks/cm,can be adjusted by yarns woven

Warp stop device

6 lines of electronic droppers

Yarns woven

Discontinuous yarn: Nm200-Nm3(Ne120-Ne1.8)

Take up device

positive electronic take up device

Continuous yarn: 22den-3000den(25dtex-3300dtex)

Loom drive

Super SRD main motor driving

Weft selecting

1-8 color, every weft selecting finger is moved by the stepper motor.

Pick finding

auto pick finding

Weft control

anti-double wefts function

Control system

controlled by computer with clear LCD and humanity design


two sides' conjugate cam


booster circulation and filtration system

Shed formation

Staubli electronic dobby




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