360,380cm Better,Best,Best-Plus jacquard loom
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360,380cm Better,Best,Best-Plus jacquard loom

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YJ model,BETTER model and BEST model and Best-Plus model can weave fabrics with electronic jacquard, reed width range from 1.9m to 4.2m, maximum filling rate can reach 800-1200m/minute; 

8-colors electronic weft selector; 


Different rapier rail types, double-side floater guide hooks, single-side floater guide hooks and non guide hooks, depends on fabric characteristics; 


Loom construction, Take up, Selvage, drop wires shelf and rest construction are all designed accurately, depend on jacquard fabric characteristics; 


Gear box design of jacquard drive, connected closely to the loom, can run stably; 


Can use SRD motor drive, which is energy saving  can save power obviously, can weave in variable speeds with simple structure. 

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